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The Cootees Photo

Jiles Cootee -- Bass, Vocals
Mike Cootee -- Guitar, Vocals
Dale Cootee -- Guitar, Vocals
Tom Cootee -- Drums, Cymbals

The Cootees are made up of members of MxPx and 90 Pound Wuss. In this band Tom takes over on the drums, and he is awesome!!! These guys got together to sing about light hearted issues, and their music is really fun! Their style is pop punk, and even have some ska mixed in there like on the track Jocks Don't Like Us. They have done a few shows, and although not officially broken up, they have no plans to tour or release any more material any time soon since they are all so busy with their other bands. Their album is so awesome, and very catchy! You can order this one from MxPx's online store or through Tooth And Nail records.

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